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The First 20 Years

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Chabot College: The First Twenty Years

In 1981, Chabot College published Dr. Ted Staniford's book, Chabot College: The First Twenty Years, which chronicled the collegeís beginnings and its development over our first two decades.  With permission from the College, CARE is pleased to make this work available:

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The Next Thirty Years

Document IconAs a follow-on to Staniford's book, CARE is leading an open-ended project to write an informal history of the last 30 years at Chabot, Las Positas and the District.  Our new effort takes a different and collaborative approach. We invite all CARE members members to write a piece of any length and any style about any memory they have of the years between 1981, when Stanifordís history ended, and the present.

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The contributions to date are listed below:

The Next Thirty Years: Table of Contents


The "Last of the Chabotozos" - Carey Harbin
The Beard - Dick Albert
The Hot Sheet Evolves - Bill Threlfall
The Elliston Winery - Helen Bridge
The Spanish Summer - Helen Bridge
The Reading Center - Carol Markos
50 Years of Excellence at Chabot College: A Look Back to Where It All Began -
  Susan May
Move the Previous Question: The Chabot Faculty Senate 1980-2010 -
  Chet Rhoan
Back When - Helen Bridge
The Classified Union - Heidi Spearer
The ISLS Program - Dick Albert
Recollections - Dick Yeo
The Vacayshun Group - Leo Meyer
The Buffington Award - Helen Bridge
Chabot College Athletic Hall of Fame - Arthur Larson
Early Years of the Registered Nursing Program at Chabot College - Glenys Wilson
The Birth of CARE - Arthur Larson
Years of Memories at Chabot - Vince Gallegos
The Rise and Fall of Community Services - Clyde Allen
Chabot College Leadership - Helen Bridge
The Loma Prieta Earthquake - Helen Bridge

Valley Campus / Las Positas

A Valley Campus Success Story - Mary Straight
Bakin' and Shakin' at Valley Campus - Jim Adams
The Beginnings of Las Positas College: One View - Esther Goldberg
Automotive Ingenuity at Valley Campus - Don Nilson


Helping Hands? - Isabel Polvorosa
Welcome to California - Isabel Polvorosa
Maintaining a Campus - Bruno Orsetti
The Day the Computer Stopped - Almost Permanently! - Bill Threlfall

Profiles and Tributes

A Tribute to Barbara Mertes - Art Tenbrink
Memories of Glenys Wilson - Rita Goldhor
A Tribute to Reed Buffington - Art Larson
A Tribute to John Richard McKinley - Art Larson and Reed Buffington
A Tribute to the Exceptional Leadership of Helen Bridge - Art Larson
A Tribute to Leo Meyer - Art Larson
Robert G. Barthol - In Memoriam
An Exceptional Woman (Dorothy Hudgins) - Reed Buffington
A Tribute to Dorothy Hudgins - Art Larson
The Fall of a Friend: for Charles Matthews - Helen Bridge

Interview Video

Reed Buffington An Interview with Dr. Reed L. Buffington, First President of Chabot College -
Looking back on the 50th anniversary of the founding of Chabot, Reed Buffington discusses the inception and development of Chabot and Las Positas Colleges.

A Photographic History
  Chabot chabot history photo 
  Las Positas  LPC history photo 


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  • The historic photographs have been taken or collected by Don Nilson, CARE board member.



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