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CARE Member Contributions to The Next Thirty Years

Years of Memories at Chabot
Submitted by Vince Gallegos
Chabot College

I was a custodian for about two years when Tony Silva was the head custodian. Dan Pilone was the head Supervisor, and along with a whole lot of grounds keepers, I remember every day we used to pick up the trash.

We went around the campus in a drop down trailer with a new Ford tractor. The school bought top of the line We all knew the personnel and the maintenance crew. We were so close to one another! We used to have the greatest bbq and Christmas parties, and every one helped. What a family, what a great place to work, and donkey basket ball games besides, and so much more we all did together. Then the swimming pool was built, and I was the one to run the pool and maintain it. That was quite a job, and I learned a lot . Today I help my family build custom homes, very involved, so if you need some work done of any kind, feel free to call. We can do anything.

I did my job with great joy because I loved the people, and we all worked so closely together. Pete, the manager, was a great man, and Dr. Buffington was tops. Dan was also a good man, and the coaches were good guys. It was hard because everything was being built, buildings and grounds, but we did it. I can say I had a big part in it, and when I go by now, I say, "That was a home for me for many years."

At the end, I took care of all the equipment, and that was a tough job. But unfortunately, I had a job injury in 1986 when a tire blew up and hurt my back. I left in 1987. I have been retired for quite some time now. Since then, Iíve had two open heart surgeries, one ankle implant, and I am still here, thank God. I have eleven grand kids.

Iím sorry to say a lot of my friends from Chabot who worked with me there have passed on. Thereís so much to remember I could go on and on. Hope that some people still remember me. God bless all you for being still so involved.

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