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A Tribute to the Exceptional Leadership of Helen Bridge
Submitted by Art Larson
Chabot College

It is with great pleasure that I, as the co-founder of the Chabot Association of Retired Employees, write this Tribute to recognize, commemorate and honor Helen Bridge for her exceptional leadership and many contributions to C.A.R.E., the Chabot-Las Positas Association of Retired Employees.

As I have observed the organization as it has represented and served the retired employees for over a quarter of a century, I have seen how dependent the success of the organization is upon the leadership role of the President. Helen Bridge has served as one the most effective, successful, influential and respected Presidents in the organization's history. She was elected to the Presidency for four terms during which time she led the organization through some of the most difficult and challenging times in its history.

Helen brought to the Presidency a unique background: She came to Chabot as a student and graduated with an AA Degree; she transferred to California State University Hayward where she earned her BA and MA Degrees; she returned to Chabot as an English Instructor; she became Chair of the Language Arts Division; was elected to serve on the Faculty Senate. She was awarded the Reed L. Buffington Faculty Award, the most prestigious honor a faculty member can receive. Helen served a number of times on a W.A.S.C. Accreditation Team. She retired from the District in 1997.

As a retiree, Helen became a member of C.A.R.E. She was committed to C.A.R.E. and its objectives and accepted a position on the Board of Directors where she first served as newsletter editor. She assumed the Presidency of the Board for the year 2006 and was reelected to that position for three more calendar years: 2007, 2008 and 2010. Helen brought to C.A.R.E. a background of experience, service and relationships that was recognized and respected by the District Board of Trustees, the District and College Administrators, the members of the classified and certificated staffs, and by the membership of C.A.R.E. She brought innate leadership skills to the presidency. Helen delegated responsibility to the members of the Board and led them to be creative, innovative and involved. She never missed an opportunity to represent C.A.R.E. at various District functions. She created a new wave of interest in the organization, and during her tenure the number of retirees taking active roles on the Board and attending the annual reunion has grown remarkably. Helen continues to serve the organization as a member of the Board of Directors.

Helen has left a legacy without equal having served the Presidency of C.A.R.E longer than any other person. No outgoing President has ever left the organization in as fine a condition as has Helen Bridge.

A legacy without equal.

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