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CARE Member Contributions to The Next Thirty Years

Submitted by Dick Yeo
Chabot College

My memory of the earthquake relates to a Board meeting that night. I was on a ladder adjusting the TV sets in the lobby of the administration building so Gene Houck could give us baseball fans a peek. I saw the floor buckle and felt the ladder move. The Board meeting was canceled!

I remember the Board discussion at the Livermore Campus about deciding on a name for the new college. The finalists were London or Jack London College (Jack London lived in Livermore as a youth) and Las Positas. The Jack London Foundation was pleased and I personally was in favor of that name. I was afraid the college would become another alphabet college such as DVC rather than a Cabrillo, DeAnza or Chabot.

When LPC got its accreditation and became an official college, I was the CEO of District and therefore for a short while President of LPC, Chabot, and "Chancellor" of the District!........No change in pay!
As other things come mind in my experience, I'll be back in touch

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