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CARE Member Contributions to The Next Thirty Years

Maintaining a Campus
Submitted by Bruno Orsetti
District Services

I have been both an employee and a student at Chabot. I was with the very first group of Chabot students that met together at the cafeteria on the new temporary campus at San Leandro with portable class rooms, where we took the entrance test. We were greeted by Mr. Jack Fishbaugh (Dean of Student Services). He told us, "You are the first students of Chabot to meet together." As an older adult student, I was overjoyed when the new Chabot college was established, enabling me to attend junior college conveniently.

That year NASA launched the first rocket into space with a monkey on board. Dean Fishbaugh said "We wonder what the monkey thought as he flew up. Perhaps he wished he could have enjoyed a banana".

I also worked 10 years at both colleges. On the new campus in Hayward I worked as a custodian during the first year. Instead of each one working a specific area, we worked as teams rotating different tasks each week and seemed to work really well. At Christmas recess we had a dinner together with all the employees including the administration in the cafeteria.

I graduated from Chabot with my parents and dear wife and three children present, and my neighbors partied with me.

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