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An Exceptional Woman
Submitted by Reed Buffington
Chabot College

Board trustee Dorothy Hudgins was elected just seven years after Chabot College opened, the first woman to serve in that capacity. Many people believe her to be the best trustee the district has ever had. When she died in May of 2009, Founding President Reed Buffington made the following remarks at her memorial service.

Dorothy Hudgins was an exceptional woman and trustee. Picture her arrival as a newly elected trustee in 1967. She joined six men, three of whom were major players in the formation of the college district, all of whom had been through the establishment of a temporary campus, two bond elections, site selection, the creation of a master plan, the construction of an entire college campus and the development of a growing, functional educational program. Her reception was cordial but guarded. Some board members addressed her as "dearie" or "honey" but she did not blink! She remained calm and pleasant. Her participation was reasoned and analytical based on careful preparation for each meeting. Before long her acceptance was clear. She was elected President of the board in 1973.

As a board member Dorothy evidenced her strong background of education, business experience and a CORO fellowship. She was determined but not combative, Her questions were relevant. Her positions were clearly stated. It was evident she had done her homework for each meeting.

Dorothy made friends with many faculty and staff. It strengthened her ties to the college and her understandings of its mission. At the same time, Dorothy never permitted her role as trustee to cross that fine line between friendship and responsibility.

Not surprisingly, Dorothy was a strong advocate for the development of a campus at the valley site in Livermore. Her efforts, with the support of fellow trustees, culminated in the completion of construction and the opening of classes at the Valley Campus in March of 1975. A major achievement.

Thousands of students have benefited from Dorothy's devoted and excellent service as a trustee. She was truly exceptional.

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