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Welcome to California
Submitted by Isabel Polvorosa
District Services

October 17, 1989 around 5 pm, I was working the Computer Operator night shift at Chabot and had just come from the vault in building 200, where I picked up my tapes to backup all the work that was done that day at Chabot and Las Positas. This was done on the DEC10, and the tapes were on reels that were about 12 inches around. Well, I went to our office in room 312 and started to load my tape. I couldn’t get the tape mounted because the darn DEC10 wouldn't stand still. Well, not only was the DEC10 moving, but so was the whole room……EARTHQUAKE…… and boy did it roll. When it stopped, I tried to call my daughter, because she was going to the World Series game in San Francisco, and I was concerned about how much damage had occurred around the bay area. Well, the phone wasn’t working in our office, so I went to 200 to use the pay phone. Standing with a death grip on his desk and his face white with terror was our brand new President of a few weeks, Terry Dicianna (he had come from Texas). I went in and asked if he was ok. All he could say was "What was that?" I said: "An earthquake, and a pretty good one too, and you will experience some more aftershocks." He said: "there’s more coming?" "Yep, you just have to ride them out."  Well, he got whiter. I asked him: "Nothing like this in Texas huh?" He said: "NO, NOTHING." So I told him: "Welcome to California."  He did come to work the next day.

About a year later our Classified Union had a BBQ and invited staff and Terry. We had steaks, sausage, roasted onions, and roasted peppers; Terry's comment was: "NOW THIS IS THE WAY YOU WELCOME SOMEONE TO CALIFORNIA."

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