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CARE Member Contributions to The Next Thirty Years

A Tribute to Dorothy Hudgins
Submitted by Art Larson
Chabot College

Following Reed Buffington’s tribute to late college trustee Dorothy Hudgins, Art Larson contributed this entry.

CARE, the Chabot College-Las Positas Association of Retired Employees, owes a tremendous debt to Dorothy Hudgins. This tribute is the least we current members can now do to honor her.

Dorothy was a loyal and faithful friend of CARE from its beginning and throughout the rest of her life.

When the creation of an organization for the retired employees of Chabot College was first conceived and discussed by several retirees, Dorothy was a member of the District Board of Trustees. In informal conversations with individuals working on the concept, she expressed great interest and support.

The initial plans were finished and presented to the Board by the committee recommending that the organization be accepted and approved as an adjunct program of the College and the District. It was a new and foreign idea about which some Board members were a bit leery. Dorothy played a very important role in discussing the purpose and value of such an organization. The Board accepted the plans, and CARE was approved as an organization representing retirees, but one for which the District had no financial or other responsibility. The support of the District Board has continued through the ensuing years.

Upon her retirement from the Board of Trustees, she immediately joined CARE, and quickly became active on its Board of Directors. Dorothy chaired a number of activities and maintained a liaison with the Associated Students and its Scholarship program. She faithfully attended the Student Awards Banquets. She served two terms as President of CARE. Because of her long-term membership on the District Board of Trustees, she was able to give valuable advice and leadership to both the Board and the CARE Board in representing the interests of retirees. Retirees had no organization other than CARE to represent them in protecting commitments previously made in matters such as their Health Plan Benefits.

Dorothy continued on the CARE Board of Directors until her health dictated otherwise. In June of 2006, the CARE Board of Directors presented Dorothy with a lifelong position of FOUNDING DIRECTOR EMERITUS.

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