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CARE Member Contributions to The Next Thirty Years

Helping Hands?
Submitted by Isabel Polvorosa
District Services

In the early 1980’s, the technical staff for Chabot and Las Positas consisted of four programmers, Eric Stricklen, Dave Suhr, Tom Gerrits, & Joe Kevin, and operations included Kyle Judson, Linda Pyzer and Isabel Polvorosa. At the time we were known as MIS…later to become IT.

Well, when hook-ups for computers needed to be done at LPC we had to send one of our programmers "Over the hill" to do it. You have to realize that LPC was pretty young at the time, with rolling hills, cows on the hillside, and lots of critters.

Well, they were having computer problems, so we went and sent Joe Kevin to help with the problem.  Joe, if you remember him, stands about 6 feet 6 inches.  If you can picture Joe under a desk hooking up a computer and all of a sudden he feels this movement going up his pant leg. He said he cracked his head on the bottom of the desk trying to get up and when he did, out comes a field mouse. Well, whenever we had to send our guys out there again we made sure they had bike ties to put around their pant legs.

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