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Contributing to The Next Thirty Years

Under the founding leadership of Helen Bridge, CARE has launched an open-ended project to write an informal history of the last 30 years at the Chabot-Las Positas Community College District.  We very much want CARE members to participate in this effort.

As your contributions are received at CARE, we will post them on our website, complete with your name and your workgroup or site.  We are very excited by our members' participation so far, and are eager to see what YOU have to contribute.

Email it to our Communications Director: .  Don’t worry about style, length, subject, or anything else which might prevent you from sharing your memories and your perspective.  Just be sure to include:

  your name
  where you worked
  your own written contribution, which might be:
    - your specific memory of a time or event; or
    - your knowledge and/or your perspective about a particular element of college life.

Please join us in this unique endeavor. We’re just waiting to hear from you!

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