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Memories of Glenys Wilson
Submitted by Rita Goldhor
Chabot College

I was saddened to read, in the last CARE Newsletter, that Dr. Glenys Wilson died last June. I worked for her as a half-time secretary until she retired as Nursing Program Director. The program she developed for Chabot College was the greatest: it enabled students lucky enough to gain entry to be admitted to the Board of Nursing's Registered Nurse Examination after two years instead of four, and Chabot graduates did exceptionally well on the Northern California Board exams. Later she put together a one-year LVN to RN program which also allowed students to continue at their jobs, a very special opportunity.

I loved working for her, and if I may be allowed a personal digression...if I took an overly long time to finish a job, she would say: "You got it done ALREADY?" ... without sarcasm, but I do recall her remark: "Flattery will get you everywhere," though it was kindness that defined her. She will be sadly missed, but affectionately remembered.

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