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A Tribute to Leo Meyer
Submitted by Art Larson
Chabot College

Leo Meyer was an extraordinary person. He was a dedicated teacher, administrator, writer, publisher, consultant, business man, artist, family man, colleague and friend.

Leo came to Chabot College in 1963 as the first Dean of Technical Vocational Programs.
He led the development of instructional programs which continue in the current curriculum of the college. He brought to the College an exemplary experience as a high school teacher, junior college instructor, and university instructor. He was a brilliant far sighted educator and a friend to many different interests and orientations in the community. In his quiet and caring way he stood firm for the inclusion of Technical Vocational Programs in the fabric of the college curriculum and for the adherence to high levels of quality within them.

Leo left Chabot College in 1970 to start his own business, Leo A Meyer Associates, to do technical writing, typesetting and book preparation for organizations related with various trades. When he decided to write and publish his own books he changed the name of the business to LAMA Books. Leo, however, never really left Chabot College for he maintained many ties and contacts, and was always ready to support the college and its personnel when needed.

His major field of interest, preparation and expertise was with the building trades and industry. His own specialty related with sheet metal and other technical metals. During WWII, Leo joined the United States Navy as a Metalsmith and served as a member of the Seebees in New Guinea and other areas in the South Pacific. Leo was committed to career building programs in technical vocational education and apprenticeship training. He wrote and published over 100 textbooks, training manuals, workbooks and instructor manuals, CDs, and other instructional aids. He published an annual directory of the Technical Vocational Instructional Programs offered by the community colleges in California. He also produced instructional materials that supported the Reading and Writing classes offered by the Language Arts Division. Because of his skill as a teacher, he was asked to conduct teacher training classes at the University of California in Berkeley and at Ohio State University.

Leo was a kind, quiet, caring, loyal and generous person with a quick sense of humor. He was a respected colleague with all who served with him. Leo was a close and treasured friend to many with whom he enjoyed many social and relaxing occasions. Leo was an avid reader. He cared greatly for his family. He and Ellie, before their deaths, were each dedicated patrons of the arts. They loved classical music, fine art and sculpture. Leo was a talented artist in metal and wood with special talent as a woodcarver creating many beautiful pieces especially the front door of his home. He found much pleasure and happiness with his dogs, always black Labradors, and from his garden which was landscaped in a Japanese style with a beautiful koi pond. It was truly a serene retreat that was enjoyed by all who visited there.


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