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CARE Board Minutes: March 26, 2009


Chabot-Las Positas Association of
Retired Employees

Board Meeting
August, 20th, 2009 - 11:00AM
San Ramon Golf Club

Members Present: Clyde Allen, Helen Bridge, Lettie Camp, Gay Connor, Esther Goldberg, Norma Kernes, Art Larson, Chet Rhoan, Heidi Spearer, George Anna Tow, Sharon Trethan.

Absent: Richard Albert, Don Nilson, and Bill Threlfall

Approval of minutes: The minutes of March 26, 2009 approved with corrections.

Newsletter Report: Due to Heidi's medical concerns, it was agreed that a newsletter with information regarding the January reunion and payment of dues be sent out in November. If for some reason a newsletter cannot be created in November, a flyer for the reunion will be sent out at that time.

President's Report: Esther Goldberg

Reunion ideas: Don now has a CD with pictures from both Colleges, and they have been reviewed by Sharon and Bill. Don Nilson and Gay Connor will work on the slide show presentation that will run in the background at this event. Other suggestions for this event: that tickets be given at the sign-in table for raffle prizes, additional College pictures to be on the dining tables to promote some conversation, and to see how the PA system might be improved.

District Board Meeting: Esther said the Board meeting was informative and Chabot was doing an all out effort to recruit students. There was no discussion of the “handshake” being offered.

Treasurer's Report: Sharon passed out the report showing the balance in the C.A.R.E account. Of the many retirees in June 2009, only three recent retirees have paid dues.

Care Fund Report: Clyde explained how this fund receives monies from donations and earnings from our investments, and this fund is within the District Foundation. He stated there would be an audit of the fund at the end of the month, and it was his expectation that there would be some earnings. He suggested that either some piece of equipment for a College program or as Helen recommended, rental of books for student use, might be an appropriate donation from the C.A.R.E. group. Further discussion is needed.

Activities Report: The reunion is January 23, 2010 and the cost is $22 per person. A motion was made that from a controlled guest list, up to a total of eight people would be invited as guests and C.A.R.E would cover this meal expense. There was support for a working relationship between C.A.R.E. and the Administration from the District/Colleges and that collegiality of this event was important.

Health Liaison: George Anna attended the District Board meeting. She will make contact with Glenys Wilson for more detailed information and resources. She is glad to help anyone with health issues.

District Liaison: Sharon is working toward a more cooperative way of sharing information with HR when dealing with a retiree or spouse who has recently deceased. "This information has not previously been considered confidential, and not being able to access addresses and/or phone numbers of new retirees makes it impossible to contact them to inform them about their membership in CARE. Sharon will speak with the Chancellor about this issue.

Chabot Liaison: Norma did attend Chabot's retiree's reception in May with C.A.R.E. information, but since only four retirees showed, this was not a great recruitment event. Lots of changes at Chabot include: the removal of the College's front horseshoe entrance, more solar parking has been added, a new road into/through the campus, the gutting of Bld. 2200 (Dental Hygiene/Nursing). Karen Silva remains the contact for an emeritus parking permit. Karen also shared information with Norma regarding a community outreach event, Electrical Tech rally, taking place this weekend. The Chabot campus tour, mentioned at the last meeting, will be scheduled with Doug Horner when the time is appropriate for the campus.

Las Positas College: No report as Don was not present
Helen stated she saw a newspaper article about an innovative summer program at the College that involved special populations being mentored in career areas. She thought the College was always looking at opportunities to involve their community whether it be the Veteran's or Hispanic programs.

Communication/webmaster report: Sharon reported for Bill that the most hits included the Directory and History links. Currently out of the 300+ members, only four receive the newsletter by email. If Chabot has the need to cut funding to print our newsletter, an email delivery will become necessary.

Retirement Issues: Nothing specific at this time, however Art did mentioned that the Governor was looking at pension programs for the many government employees. The Governor is looking at a two-tiered system, offering less to new employees. Sharon shared a website: www.californiapensionsreform.com.

Past President: Helen was pleased to announce the new additions to the History project and more are welcomed. The additions are listed below. Also, the Profiles and Tributes link honors the service of Dorothy Hudgins and Charles Matthews. Helen and Chet will be working on the history of the Academic Senate, the Presidents and the issues during their leadership. She also mentioned that the Colleges would be going through accreditation in October, and there was a change this year, allowing for only four standards.
Recollections - Dick Yeo
The Vacayshun Group - Leo Meyer
The Buffington Award - Helen Bridge
Chabot College Athletic Hall of Fame - Arthur Larson

Director at Large: Chet mentioned the "Social Security Fairness Act 2009", a proposal by Senator Feinstein as S484 and cosponsored by Representative Howard Berman as HR 235. The legislation would provide that California Teachers who had paid into Social Security would receive their full Social Security entitlement. He had asked that CARE support the legislation and that members request House Speaker Pelosi bring this issue to a vote in the house.

Constitution: Art made a motion that five principal officers would include: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary/Historian and Immediate Past President. Motion passed. Other changes to the Constitution will be taken to the members at the January meeting.

Next Meeting: Holiday Board meeting/potluck at Esther's home on December 10 at 11:00 am.

Meeting adjourned: 1:05 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Lettie Camp, Secretary


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