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CARE Board Minutes: June 17, 2010

Chabot-Las Positas Association of
Retired Employees

Board Meeting
June 17, 2010
San Ramon Country Club

1. Members present: Dick Albert, Linda Barde, Helen Bridge, Lettie Camp, Gay Conner, Norma Kernes, Don Nilson, JoAnne Neu, Isabel Polvorosa, Sophie Rheinheimer, Heidi Spearer, Bill Threlfall, Sharon Trethan
Absent: Clyde Allen, Esther Goldberg, Art Larson (E), John McKinley (E), Chet Rhoan

2. Call to Order: Meeting was called to order by President Bridge

3. Approval of minutes: The minutes of March 12, 2010 were approved.


A. Newsletter: Heidi stated July 15 would be the date to receive information for the newsletter to be published the end of July. At this time she did not request any further assistance with the newsletter. Joanne is working on her bio.

B. Webmaster: Bill passed out updated web usage information and stated the new system is working well.

C. Treasurer: Sharon shared her Treasurer's report. She also asked for a consensus to move outstanding checks to our donation account. This amount was about $88 from lunches purchased but not used at the annual meeting in Jan.

D. CARE Fund: no report

E. Activities: Gay reported that the tour of Chabot College was wonderful and informative and appreciated by approximately 70 attendees. Slides of the current changes taking within the District will also be included in the slide show for viewing at the reunion, set for January 22, 2011. The Board also agreed to leave specific entertainment recommendations to Gay. There continues to be more interest in seeing old friends and reminiscing over the wonderful slide show created by Don. Better use of the microphone was suggested along with fewer but better quality raffle gifts.

F. Chabot Liaison: Norma also agreed that the tour of Chabot was great and appreciated the project manager’s expertise and the arrangements made by Karen Silva. Helen stated she would write a letter of appreciation. There is a possibility of a fall tour when additional buildings come to completion.
Norma also shared Chabot’s summer and fall schedules.

G. Las Positas Liaison: Sophie shared information in regards to the changes in personnel at LPC and the opening of the Center for the Arts. She will look into a tour at LPC.

H: District Liaison: Sharon shared the ever increasing cost of health care to our District. She also shared the newly printed CARE brochure which is mailed to new retirees.

I. Directors at Large:

Isobel: shared that the IT department was now located at LPC.

Joanne: no report

Dick: shared information about his family and recent death of Janice Albert, a faculty member at both Chabot and Las Positas.

Don: will continue to work on the slide show to continually update it, since it was so well received at the past reunion. His wife Janet is doing better.

J. Past President: no report

K: Trips: Linda passed around tours by American Stage and continues to work with the Electrician’s Union to offer possible day trips to our members. Trips, when arranged, will be shared on the website and through the newsletter.

L: Other discussion items: Art previously recommended this change to the Constitution to recognize any non-retiree who is supportive/helpful to the CARE Board:

CONSTITUTION: As provided by the By laws, the Board, at its discretion, may grant the honorary title “C.A.R.E. ASSOCIATE" (**) to an individual for meritorious support and contributions to the Association.

BYLAWS: When an individual, who is not a member of C.A.R.E., provides meritorious support and contributions to the Association, the Board, at its discretion, may grant to that person the honorary title “C.A.R.E. ASSOCIATE ". (**) An Associate (1) need not to be retired, (2) may
or may not be an employee of the District or of a College, (3) may attend C.A.R.E. meetings and activities but without voting privileges.


ASSOCIATE; (1) a person with whom one is associated, a friend, a partner, a fellow worker.
(2) a member with less than full status.

COMRADE: (1) a person who shares interests and activities in common with others.

FRIEND: (1) a person who is a supporter or sympathizer. FRIEND OF THE COURT: (1) a person in an influential position who is friendly toward and able to help out.

The motion to accept this change to the Constitution using the definition CARE Associate was approved. The motion to accept this change pending ratification of the membership, at the annual meeting, was also approved.

M. Changes/Update Duties for CARE Directors: President Bridge and Bill recommended  updates to the Directors' duties:

Treasurer: updated to included providing current membership roster, continual monitoring of dues/expenses and the ability to connect with current staff members at both Colleges and the District.

Communications Director: responsible for electronic communication: web, social network, and budget/expense of new equipment and programs.

Participation of Board Members: This is a working Board and all members are expected to be active and consistent in their assigned duties.

A motion to accept these changes was approved.

N. Presidents Report:

History Project: President Bridge stated that she hoped to generate more interest in the History Project. She told board members to think about writing a new entry. Writers needn’t worry about style, length, subject, or anything else which might prevent them from sharing their memories and their perspective. She reminded members to include their name and where and when they worked. A contribution might be about a specific memory of a time or event; or personal knowledge and/or perspective about a particular element of college life.

Special Project Grant: In the past, money from the CARE Fund has been give to one of the Colleges for a special project. The Board has never heard how that money was received or used, so a change was recommended. A very short form sent out to the Colleges, to request these funds for a specific need, would be created. This was thought to be a good idea as it would let employees know that they were supported by CARE. More details to follow.

5. Next Meeting – Friday, September 24, 2010

6. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 1:00

Respectfully submitted,
Lettie Camp, Secretary


©2007 C.A.R.E.

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