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CARE Board Minutes: March 26, 2009


Chabot-Las Positas Association of
Retired Employees

Board Meeting
March 26, 2009
San Ramon Golf Club

Members Present: *Richard Albert, Clyde Allen, Helen Bridge, *Lettie Camp, Gay Connor, Esther Goldberg, Norma Kernes, Art Larson, Don Nilson, *Chet Rhoan, Heidi Spearer, Bill Threlfall, George Anna Tow, Sharon Trethan
*New members

The minutes of December 11, 2008 were approved.

President's report: Esther Goldberg

Board Membership: The role and need for the position of VP was discussed. In referring back to the minutes of the March 20, 2008, the Board approved the motion that the past President will take over when the President is not available.

Reunion: Dick Albert made a motion to eliminate entertainment during the dining portion of the reunion so easier conversation could take place among members.
A budget sheet for this event was shared by Sharon and after a discussion regarding better use of the funds for door prizes and offering complimentary lunches to invited guests, the motion was approved.

Gay reported that the 2010 Reunion will be January 23 and the cost will be $22.00.

Past President's Report: Helen Bridge had no report

Treasurer's report: Sharon shared a budget sheet which reflected the balance as of February 28, 2009. Our membership numbers are: 377 members however 133 have never paid, 40 life time members and 99 members have paid 2009 dues.

CARE Fund report: Clyde reports that there were no significant changes.

Newsletter report: Heidi was waiting for Esther's President's report but if one is not forthcoming, the space will be used for Helen's historical contribution. The newsletter content is limited by page layout requirements & authors are encouraged to check with Heidi regarding submission length.

Webmaster report: Bill presented a copy of the website activities. There are now 83 members in the Directory. There were 206 visits to the site, and 186 hits on the CARE home page in the past two and one-half months. Bill also sends a notice to members reminding them the newsletter is available online. It costs approximately $150.00 a year for the web service.

Activities report: As previously reported by Gay, next year's reunion is set for Jan 23, 2010 and the charge will be $22.00. A motion was made and approved to have a slide show during the dining portion of this event. Don Nilson is willing to put both past and present photos from both Colleges into a slide show that can be run in the background at the next reunion. Don and Bill will work on this project that can then be linked on the web.

Healthcare report: Esther stated that this was an important position to retirees. Until a permanent member can be elected, George Anna Tow will be a temporarily filling this position for one year. She will speak with Glenys Wilson regarding concerns and resources. There continues to be a need to help retired individuals and to keep an eye on the reserves at the District as decisions could impact health benefits.

District liaison: Sharon gave high recommendations for Deborah Lavietes from the benefits office at the District.

Chabot liaison: Norma reported that a meeting/tour of Chabot College with former senior administrators will take place on April 1, 2009. Chabot's hot sheet deadline is April 10 with the newsletter going out April 21st. Chabot's retiree reception is scheduled for May 6 and Chabot's graduation will take place on Saturday, May 30 in the Grand Court.

Las Positas liaison: Don shared the newsletter from LPC President that was sent to all residents of the Tri-Valley with updates on construction projects and new programs. Art complimented LPC's outreach program as the banner at the Stoneridge Mall caught his attention.

Directors at Large: Helen asked how Chet and Dick would bring their skills to these positions. Chet felt he could contribute to the retirement issues previously covered by John McKinley. Dick would use his writing connections to further promote the Historical project.

Other Discussion Items:

1) Art shared information and the booklet on Chabot's Sport's Hall of Fame. This covers 40 years of sports history! This was an effort on the part of Zack Papachristos.

2) As members leave the Board, Art stated how important it is that the Constitution and By Laws be the foundation of the members and that they need to be both vital and operational at the same time.

He recommended the following revisions which will need to be voted on by the membership:

To the Constitution: Section 4 Membership
"As provided by the By-Laws, the Board at its discretion, may grant the Title Directory Emeritus to members departing from the Board."

To the By-Laws: paragraph 3 to Section3 Membership

"When a member of the Board departs the Board after giving many years of meritorious service to CARE and to its members, the Board may, at its discretion, grant to that member the title Director Emeritus."

To the By-Laws: Section 5 Officers and Directors

Five Principal Officers: I recommend filling the vacation positions of Vice President and it was noted that the position of secretary was filled.

Sixteen Directors: I recommend filling the vacation position of Health Benefits Director and adding four At Large Directors. It was noted that George Anna Tow was now a one year temporary Health Benefits Director and we currently have three at Large Directors, Richard Albert, Art Larson and Chet Rhoan.

The Board voted to adopt all recommendations and to submit the changes to the Constitution and By Laws for ratification by the members at the annual business meeting held at the reunion in January 2010.

3) Bill asked the board to consider how we could provide services to attract new members other than health benefits advocacy, annual reunion and communication opportunities. How could we address retiree questions? Connect retiree through activities? It was suggested we use the web and newsletter and provide a checklist or use a heading called "Did you know?" for retiree Q & A. Bill takes ownership for web information but articles for the newsletter need to be written by the Board members and then submitted to Heidi.

History Project: Helen said information was slow right now but ideas coming in include: How the Buffington Award began and the criteria that were established, a piece on Charles Matthews to include a poem by Dick Albert, the Sports Hall of Fame that Art shared, the upcoming tour of Chabot with previous College Administrators. Perhaps each Board member would commit to a story from their past!

Photo Opportunity: With so many CARE Board members present this was the perfect time to have an updated Board photo.

Next Meeting: August 20, 2009

Meeting adjourned at approximately 1:00pm

Respectfully submitted,
Lettie Camp, Secretary


2007 C.A.R.E.

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