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CARE Board Minutes: March 12, 2010

Chabot-Las Positas Association of
Retired Employees

Board Meeting
March 12, 2010
San Ramon Country Club

Members present: Dick Albert, Clyde Allen, Linda Barde, Helen Bridge, Norma Kernes, JoAnne Neu, Don Nilson, Isobel Polvorosa, Chet Rhoan, Heidi Spearer, Sharon Trethan, and Bill Threlfall.

Absent: Lettie Camp, Gay Conner, Esther Goldberg, Sophie Rheinheimer, plus emeritus directors Art Larson, and John McKinley.

Approval of minutes: The minutes of the January 23, 2010 meeting were approved.

President’s report: After welcoming new board members, President Bridge nominated Linda Barde for the new position of Vice President. She was elected with a unanimous vote. After a short discussion, the board decided to have four meetings yearly, rather than the current three. A discussion of current History Project items was followed by updates about emeriti Art Larson and Reed Buffington. The board voted to bestow the title of Director Emeritus on Art Larson and John McKinley.

Newsletter: Heidi was complimented on the Spring Newsletter. She will retain the position of Newsletter Editor for the time being, until a replacement can be found.
Heidi suggested including language in the constitution to make regular meeting attendance a requirement for board members. Bill Threlfall will confer with President Bridge and write such language to become part of board member duties.

Communications Director: Bill reported on the increasing hits on CARE’s website, and particularly the online newsletter. The board set a future goal to encourage members to receive their newsletter online only, as a way of controlling costs of mailing.

Treasurer: Sharon reported that the number of dues-paying members is down from last year. The cost of our annual meeting is down this year, partly because entertainment was eliminated. The board, after thanking Don again for his work on the photo slideshow, recommended that we have the slide show again next year, with additional photos. Motion was passed to reimburse Helen for Art’s gift.

CARE Fund: At the request of new board members, Clyde explained the purpose and uses of the CARE fund, as opposed to the small operating fund for the organization. A short history was also given about how the funds were used in recent years. After a discussion, the board voted to have an agenda item at the next meeting to review a proposal for a new way of distributing money from the CARE fund. This will be the main item of business.

Activities: In Gay’s absence, a discussion was held about the great success of this year’s annual reunion. With one hundred people in attendance, this may have been the most successful reunion ever. Member feedback suggested that the entertainment wasn’t missed. The date of January 22, 2011 was selected for our next reunion.

District Liaison: Sharon reported that supplies of CARE brochures are running low. New brochures will be printed by an outside firm. At Sharon’s recommendation, the board made Donald “Dobie” Gelles an honorary life member of CARE, citing his long-time support for retirees.

Chabot Liaison: Norma reminded us to come to a special tour of the newly renovated Chabot campus, especially for CARE members, to be held on May 7, 2010.
Las Positas Liaison: Due to his wife’s continuing health problems, Don will no longer be able to do liaison work. Sophie Rheinheimer has agreed to replace him. Don will now be a Director at Large.

Directors at Large: Chet gave information about current STRS issues. Linda reported on progress toward developing trip ties with another retiree organization. JoAnne was welcomed back to the board. Isobel reported on the status of the plan to name buildings at Chabot. A committee has been formed, and the plan is moving forward.

Next meeting: The next board meeting will be Thursday, June 17th, at 11:00 at the San Ramon Golf Club.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 1:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Linda Barde, substitute secretary


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