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CARE Board Minutes: December 17, 2010

Chabot-Las Positas Association of
Retired Employees

Board Meeting
December 17, 2010
Helen Bridge’s Home

1. Members present: Dick Albert, Clyde Allen, Linda Barde, Helen Bridge, Lettie Camp, Gay Conner, Esther Goldberg, Norma Kernes, Don Nilson, JoAnne Neu, Sophie Rheinheimer, Chet Rhoan, Bill Threlfall, Sharon Trethan

ABSENT: Heidi Spearer, Isabel Polvorosa, Emeritus Directors, Art Larson and John McKinley

2. Call to Order: Meeting was called to order by President Bridge at 11:05 AM.

3. Approval of minutes: The minutes of September 24, 2010 were approved.


A. NEWSLETTER: Bill shared cost concerns of printing/mailing a newsletter 3 times a year. The District has been very generous in their support of this function. Karen Silva suggested the District could invoice CARE for the cost of about $500 per newsletter. A discussion took place regarding, cost, how many newsletters where desired, how to encourage more people to request on-line newsletter and the current CARE board budget.

A motion was made and approved: Two newsletters will be printed in 2011-2012 (Spring/Fall) with CARE paying printing and mailing costs. Additional time-sensitive information will be sent by email.

Heidi has resigned as Newsletter Editor, and Bill agreed to step in to fill the Editor position, if Board members would commit to provide newsletter contributions.  The Board members agreed to assist in this project.  A timeline for article submission will be set by Bill.

B: TREASURER: Sharon shared a copy of the treasurer’s report.  2011 dues are coming in, along with payment for the reunion. However, expenses in January will be for the reunion.

C. WEBMASTER: Bill shared a copy of his report that indicated the visitors to the site, and their usage. We encourage all members to request the “green” option to receive the newsletters and to be aware that time sensitive information will be sent through your directory email.

D. CARE FUND: Clyde stated that with investments, etc. the 2009 and 2010 balance did not vary much.  It was recommended that the spring newsletter contain a CARE FUND appeal and donation form and the Fall newsletter contain the dues form.

E. ACTIVITIES: Gay shared information that plans were underway for the January 22, 2011 reunion. While there will be no entertainment, we will continue to enjoy the slides that Don Nilson has prepared for us. Linda is arranging the technology for the event. Each Board member has been asked to bring a gift for the raffle and it was agreed that our invited guests would be: Chancellor, both College Presidents and Karen Silva. Helen will issue the invitations. 

Don stated he had 100 more pictures. The members asked him to add them to last year’s CD as everyone loved to see the pictures and it got members talking!

F. CHABOT LIAISON: Norma shared the Hot Sheet and addressed retiree parking permits.

G. DISTRICT LIAISON: Sharon and other CARE Board and College staff attended several memorial services in the past month. It is her hope that communication between the District and the CARE District Liaison would be more effective in sharing information about retirees.

H. LAS POSITAS LIAISON: Sophie shared the overall budget concerns impacting our Colleges. The Presidential search committee had been formed and hopefully a new president will be in place in March 2011.

I. DIRECTORS AT LARGE: Chet stated that once again, we need to keep an eye on our medical benefits and any discussions taking place at the District. He also recommended that current legislation effecting faculty retirees might be addressed in the newsletter or even a timely email, and he expressed interest in writing a piece on this subject.

J. PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Board members will remain the same, except for the following nominations:

President: Linda Barde
Secretary: JoAnne Neu
Newsletter Editor: Bill Threlfall

Lettie Camp has resigned from the Board.

5. Other discussion items: CARE Special Grants Program

The Ad-hoc committee of the CARE Board offered the following recommendations:

1. That the grants program be implemented, replacing the previous method of disbursing CARE Funds;
2. That it be implemented for the 2011-2012 academic year, with planning and preparation in Spring 2011;
3. That the total grant awards not exceed $1,500 per year for the first two years of operation;
4. That $1,000 shall be a minimum amount needed to operate the program.
In years when less than the minimum is available, the grants program will not operate and funds will be carried over to a subsequent year in which the minimum is met;
5. That the board appoint a committee to implement the program and administer it in its first two years;
6. That the Board evaluate the program and its outcomes in Spring of 2013;
7. That applicants may come from the district office, as well as the colleges; (Everybody serves the colleges, regardless of work site.)
8. That any category of employee may apply: faculty, classified, administration, full-time, or part-time, so long as the applicant's manager or supervisor approves;
9. That there will be no allocation of funds by size of college/district office. We simply will make one or more awards in rank order of merit until the allocated money runs out;
10. That applications will be judged by this standard: How will the project improve service to the colleges in your area of work responsibility?
11. That the program be implemented in such fashion that it increases the visibility of CARE throughout the colleges and district office.

The board approved these recommendations and appointed Sophie to chair the implementation committee with Bill Threfall, Clyde Allen, and Isabel Polvorosa as members.

6. Next Meeting – Saturday, January 22, 2011, 11AM, at the San Ramon Country Club reunion annual meeting.

7. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 1:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Lettie Camp


©2007 C.A.R.E.

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