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CARE Board Minutes: December 10, 2009

Chabot-Las Positas Association of
Retired Employees

Board Meeting/Lunch
December 10, 2009 – 10:30 am
Esther Goldberg's Home

Members Present: Clyde Allen, Helen Bridge, Lettie Camp, Gay Connor, Esther Goldberg, Don Nilson, Chet Rhoan, Heidi Spearer, George Anna Tow, Sharon Trethan, Bill Threlfall.

Absent: Norma Kernes, Art Larson, Richard Albert, John McKinley

Newsletter Report: Items for the Spring newsletter need to be sent to Heidi by Jan 31. Bill was asked to do his autobiography for this letter. Heidi will also contact Colin Pejman, a retiree from Chabot’s graphic department, who has volunteered some help.

Treasurer’s Report: Sharon passed out the report reflecting CARE's operating balance as of November 30, 2009. While all retirees are members of CARE, all members are encouraged to pay the $10 yearly dues which support the needs of the membership.

Care Fund Report: No updates from Clyde at this time

Activities Report/Reunion: The reunion is Jan 23, 2010 and the cost is $22 per person.

  • Since 55 people are retiring from the District, the names of those attending the lunch will be read, and a list of all retirees will be placed on each table.

  • Changes to the Constitution will need to be ratified at this meeting. Copies of the changes will be on each table and a verbal explanation will be made to the members.

  • Don and Gay gathered great pictures for the slide show presentation to be shared at the reunion.

  • Raffle tickets – all board members will bring an unwrapped item for the raffle.

Health Liaison: George Anna presented a health related issue, which was discussed by the members, with no action taken.

Chabot Liaison: Norma was absent; however Helen stated that CARE was well represented at Chabot's special retirees reception. She thanked Heidi and Gay for being there.

Las Positas Liaison: No report

Communication/webmaster report: Bill passed out information on webpage activity.

  • Due to the increase in retirees, Bill requested that the Board approve approximately $10 monthly to upgrade our program to include more members on our email directory. So approved.

  • Bill related some mass e-mailing issues and looks to the future when the newsletter/communication will be easier and incorporate more graphics.

  • The membership can request the newsletter via email which will save on printing and mailing cost.

Retirement Issues: none

Past President: none

Director at Large: none

Selection of Officers 2010: Changes are: Helen Bridge Interim President, Esther Goldberg, Past President, Open position for Health Liaison which could be a Director at Large. There was discussion of a Director at Large for recruitment/outreach. The Board felt there was a need for this with so many new retirees this year. Since there are Director at Large positions in the Constitution, no changes are needed.

Meeting adjourned at 12:30, after a big thanks was given to Esther for taking on the role of President in a year with so many retirees.

Respectfully submitted,
Lettie Camp, Secretary


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