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CARE Board Minutes: January 24, 2009

Chabot-Las Positas Association of
Retired Employees

Board Meeting
January 24, 2009
San Ramon Country Club

Board members present: Art Larson, Heidi Spearer, Norma Kernes, Maxine Calleri, Clyde Allen, Gay Conner, John McKinley, Bill Threlfall, Sharon Trethan, Don Nilson, George Anna Tow, Esther Goldberg, and Helen Bridge.

Also present: Approximately sixty five retirees, including three new CARE members from the class of 2008.

President Helen Bridge began the annual meeting by introducing special guests Dr. Celia Barbarena, Dr. DeRionne Pollard, Karen Silva, and Larry Schaffer. The two college presidents made brief remarks, and President Bridge read a message from Dr. Joel Kinnamon, who was unable to attend.

Past President Art Larson introduced the three new CARE members who were in attendance.

President Bridge introduced Larry Schaffer, CEO of the Chabot/LPC Federal Credit Union, and Board member Les Bridge, who then publicized the upcoming annual credit union dinner on Feb. 21st, and also announced the prize drawing to be held later at today’s meeting.

President Bridge called the board’s business meeting to order. She then introduced Bill Threlfall, who made a presentation about the origin and specifications of the annual Buffington Award, following which he read the names of all previous Buffington winners, and introduced those winners who were present.

John McKinley introduced present board members. President Bridge gave special recognition and a small gift to retiring board members Gene Houck, Maxine Calleri, and Bob Wood. John McKinley made a few special comments about Glenys Wilson and her numerous contributions to CARE over the years. Helen Bridge was recognized for her exemplary leadership during several terms as President.

Dr. McKinley asked for nominations from the floor for next year’s board. Three nominations were made, and all were elected, along with continuing board members. Esther Goldberg was elected as the new president of CARE. New board members are: Dick Albert, Lettie Camp, and Chet Rhoan. After final remarks by outgoing president Bridge and incoming president Goldberg, Gay Conner introduced the Chabot Jazz Band members, who performed while attendees had a delicious lunch.

Following lunch, Clyde Allen conducted the prize drawing, with about fifteen prizes being won by lucky retirees. All prizes were contributed by CARE Board members and by the Chabot credit union, which provided six outstanding gifts.

Meeting adjourned at 1:45. Next meeting: March 26, 2009, at the San Ramon Golf Club.

Respectfully submitted,

Helen Bridge


©2007 C.A.R.E.

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