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CARE Board Minutes: January 23, 2010

Chabot-Las Positas Association of
Retired Employees

Board Meeting
January 23, 2010
San Ramon Country Club

Board members present: Richard Albert, Clyde Allen, Helen Bridge, Lettie Camp, Gay Connor, Esther Goldberg, Norma Kernes, Art Larson Don Nilson, Chet Rhoan, Heidi Spearer, George Anna Tow, Sharon Trethan, and Bill Threlfall.

Also present: Approximately 88 retirees, including 17 new CARE members from the class of 2010..

President Esther Goldberg began the annual meeting by introducing special guests, Chancellor, Dr. Joel Kinnamon, Dr. Celia Barbarena, and Larry Schaffer.

Short speeches were given by Dr. Kinnamon, Larry Schaffer, CEO of the Chabot/LPC Federal Credit Union and Heidi Finberg from the Chabot Foundation. Helen introduced the new retirees that were present and they were welcomed by the membership.

President Goldberg called the Boardís business meeting to order. She then introduced Art Larson, who had proposed changes to the Bylaws and Constitution. After Artís explanation, the vote to revise the Bylaws and Constitution was adopted.

Chet Rhoan introduced the present board members and thanked them for their work this past year.

The retirement of George Anna Tow was accepted, and the remaining existing slate of Board members was retained; however, Heidi is looking for someone to fill her responsibilities of the newsletter.

A call for nominations from the floor was requested to fill 3 open positions. Linda Barde, Sophie Rheinheimer, and Isabel Polvorosa were added to the Board. After this vote, JoAnne Neu approached Interim President Bridge stating she had interest on returning to the Board.

The membership then enjoyed lunch while being treated to a wonderful walk down memory lane with a slide show of college photos gathered by Don Nilson.

After lunch, Clyde Allen conducted the raffle drawing for over 30 prizes. All prized were contributed by CARE Board members and by the Chabot Credit Union.

Meeting adjourned at 1:30.

The next CARE Board meeting was scheduled for March 11, 11 AM at the San Ramon Golf Club.

Respectfully submitted,
Lettie Camp


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