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About the C.A.R.E. Member Directory


You are invited to join the CARE member E-mail directory so that you will be able to be contacted by other CARE members. 

How it works 

Participating members are assigned a CARE E-mail address which is listed in the Directory. E-mail reaching that CARE address is forwarded automatically to the member's existing personal E-mail mailbox. 

In the example below, another retiree is seeking to reach Joe, who is listed in the CARE Member Directory:

E-mail forwarding graphic

Joe receives the message in his personal in-box like any other mail.  If Joe choose to reply, that reply is sent from Joe's existing personal E-mail account, just like any other E-mail he sends, and it is sent directly back to the source:

E-mail reply graphic

Thus, the CARE address listed in the Directory is only used to establish the initial contact, and is then no longer required.

How Your Privacy Is Protected

Your personal E-mail address remains private; it is never published or revealed by CARE.  Only the CARE address is published on this website, using a spam-resistant technique.

You retain control:  Once the forwarded E-mail reaches your existing personal mailbox, you treat it like any other E-mail - reply to it, delete it, or ignore it - it's up to you.

Participation in the directory and forwarding service is voluntary.  You only join if you wish to receive E-mail contacts from other CARE members. 

Sending and Accessing E-mail

You cannot send E-mail from the CARE address.  As always, you send E-mail from your existing personal E-mail account.  

You will not have direct access to CARE E-mail mailboxes. In fact, no mail will be stored at CARE mailboxes, which will be used exclusively for automatic forwarding to an existing personal address. As always, E-mail will be addressed to your personal E-mail account and you will access it there. 

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