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A Visit to the District Office

Need to visit the District Office and perhaps meet with Benefits Staff? 
Here's a pictorial guide...

Where is the District Office, and how do I get there? 


It is located on the third floor of this building,
at 7600 Dublin Blvd., Dublin, CA 94568:

District Office Street View

Enter the building from the parking lot, which is accessed from
Golden Gate Drive, the side street that intersects Dublin Blvd. 
Here's the building entrance:

District Office Entrance

Take the elevator to the third floor lobby:

District Office Lobby

There, you'll find the reception counter.  Follow the instructions:

District Office Reception Counter

Human Resources is down the hall to the left:

District Office HR Window

Ask at the window for Deborah Dobbins or Rosalyn Tucker,
HR Benefits Technicians, and you'll be referred to these nice people,
who are concealed within:

HR Benefits Staff



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