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Health Connection Line

About the Connection Line
The Connection Line's simple goal is to connect CARE members and spouses who have health concerns with a volunteer CARE member who has experienced similar health concerns.

The internet offers a rich array of information and resources. Nevertheless, sometimes a personal chat with a friend or colleague may be comforting and add a different level of understanding. Our volunteers have no medical expertise and offer no medical advice but instead are willing to share their personal health experiences and outcomes.

Making Connection
To initiate a conversation, send an email to one the volunteer contacts listed below. Working with the contact, you can then arrange whatever sort of conversation you prefer:

  Prostate Cancer Survivor Contacts
Bill Threlfall  
Tom Gerrits
    Hover your cursor over the e-mail link
     to see the address at the lower left
     of your browser window.

Click the e-mail link next to a member
      name to open a message in your
      default email client.

  Breast Cancer Survivor Contacts
(volunteers needed)
  Kidney Stone Contacts
Bill Threlfall
Tom Gerrits


Volunteering as a Contact
If you wish to serve as a volunteer contact and be listed on this page, send an email to the with your volunteer details. You will receive a reply with further instructions and upon your agreement, you will be added to the list above. Note that your personal email address will not be revealed. To maintain your privacy, the list will include only your care-news.org email address, which will be created for you if needed.



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